A day in the entrepreneurial life of ‘Nicole Martinez’, CEO of Brandifi


Nicole Martinez founded Brandifi after a successful but contemplative employed career. She always had an entrepreneurial edge in life and it was not difficult to venture into this world.

At Brandifi, Nicole Martinez’s goal is simple. Her team helps the clients to discover their brand’s and bring their vision to life visually by helping them develop and design their logo, website or any other stationery/product design services to bring their story to life. Brandifi majorly operates from Atlanta, USA.

Nicole and her team are always on the move. As a mother, life is not always a field of strawberries for Nicole. She usually works as long as 8 hours a day on average. Nicole also manages to find time to focus on self care as well. She is a firm advocate of being able to balance her professional life and her mental health as well.

Nicole starts her day by meditating and getting her son ready for daycare and then immediately starts working, tackling emails, phone calls. Her team works remotely and squeezes the benefits of a remote setup for training and other inductions. Nicole values effective communication and understands that it is an integral part of running a successful venture.

Nicole remarks, “One thing that is really interesting is that I never worked in the corporate world and saw how things are run in the management department. However, I am great at communicating and listening. I feel that boundaries are super important. One thing companies do not take into consideration is that people do not look for retirements anymore. This is ok as people are not always going to stick around and grow entirely with you, I tell my employees they can also grow as a person. I don’t like my employees feeling like they are hostage. I care about my employees deeply. I think that’s how I’ve maintained a close knit firm.”