Zuckerberg loses $100 million in income following hour-long outage in Meta platforms


GUWAHATI, March 6: A major outage swept across Meta’s platforms globally with the popular social media platforms Facebook, Instagram and Threads all stopped working for more than an hour before getting restored.

This widespread disruption not only left billions of users disconnected but also had a major financial impact on the company as per experts.

Meta owner Mark Zuckerberg is estimated to have lost about $100 million in income as a result of the platforms going down all over the world.

Reports said Meta’s share price also dropped by 1.5 %.

The disruption, which was reported around 9 pm yesterday, affected users’ ability to access the three Meta-owned platforms.

Users reported various issues, such as being logged out of their Facebook accounts, making it impossible to log back in. Similarly, Instagram users encountered difficulties refreshing their feeds, with stories and comments failing to load for some individuals.

Threads, an app developed by Meta, also experienced a complete shutdown, displaying an error message upon launch.

Andy Stone, Communications Director at Meta, issued an apology for the inconvenience caused by the outage. He acknowledged the technical issue and assured users that it had been resolved as quickly as possible.