‘Zubeen Garg Bridge’ in Tinsukia allegedly destroyed by Arunachal Police


GUWAHATI: In a shocking incident the bamboo bridge named after ‘Zubeen Garg’ and constructed above the Na Dihing river in Tinsukia district was alleged destroyed by Arunachal Pradesh Police on Thursday.

The Zubeen Garg bridge was constructed by the local residents and connects Thepabari with Tengapani area.

“They came and destroyed the bridge. Now we want them to immediately fix it for us. We are very sad for what they have done with us,” said a local woman.

“Arunachal Police and Namsai Police destroyed the bridge. It has become a big problem for the people to cross the river now. We want our government to take necessary steps regarding the issue,” said another local resident.

The local residents urged the government to mediate or resolve the issue. They also urged the government to restore the bridge as soon as possible.

It is to be mentioned that the local residents had built the bridge with bamboo to facilitate communication and named the bridge after Assam’s heart-throb Zubeen Garg, expressing their love for the singer.