‘Zubeen Garg Bridge’ in Kakopathar to be inaugurated by the star himself on 29 Feb


GUWAHATI: A bamboo bridge that has been constructed in Kakopathar block in Tinsukia district has been named after Assam’s singing sensation Zubeen Garg. The local residents have named it after Assam heart-throb Zubeen, expressing their love for the singer. The bamboo bridge built by the local people connects Thepabari with Tengapani and other nearby villages.

Zubeen wrote on his Facebook post that he along with the local residents will inaugurate the bridge on February 29. 

Meanwhile, Zubeen Garg extended his gratitude to the people of Kakopathar through his Facebook page saying, “My respect and salute to the people of Kakopathar for this overwhelming love and affection for me. Planning to come on 29th Feb to inaugurate it.”

The ‘Zubeen Garg’ bridge is around 490 meters long and will benefit around 400-500 people who use small wooden boats to cross the Na-Dihing.

“Almost 200-250 families who used to cross in small boats including school students and patients will now be able to use this bridge for commuting,” said a local resident in a video that was posted on Social Media by a tourist.