‘World’s tallest’ Shiva statue to be unveiled in Rajasthan today


The 369-foot-tall Shiva statue named as “Viswas Swaroopam” that has been built in the town of Nathdwara town of Rajasthan’s Rajsamand district will be unveiled today.

Image Source: Twitter

The statue will be unveiled in the presence of preacher Morari Bapu, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, assembly speaker CP Joshi, and other dignitaries.

The monument, which is claimed as the tallest Shiva statue in the world, is located 45 kilometers from Udaipur. It is built on a hilltop over an area of 51 bighas.

The statue is designed to evoke a meditative state and believed to be visible from 20 kilometers away.

The statue is clearly visible even at night because to the distinctive lights, as program spokeswoman Jaiprakash Mali confirmed.

The statue has been constructed by Tat Padam Sansthan.

2.5 million cubic tonnes of sand and concrete, three thousand tonnes of steel and iron have been used in its construction, and its construction took ten years.

The project’s cornerstone was formally laid in August 2012 with assistance from the then-CM Ashok Gehlot and Morari Bapu.

A nine-day religious festival will start from today after the statue’s unveiling and will last until the evening of November 6. Ram Katha will be recited by Morari Bapu throughout the nine-day event.