Work resumes at tea estates in Assam


Dibrugarh: Following health precautions and social distancing norms, work has resumed at tea estates in Assam. The resumption comes after the government permitted operations under the revised guidelines for the fourth phase of nationwide COVID-19 lockdown.

Rakesh Mishra, Manager, Manohari Tea Estate told ANI, “We’ve resumed work after the government announced relaxed guidelines for the industry. Workers have been taking precautionary measures like sanitisation and maintaining social distancing.”

“Teaching staff, medical and paramedical personnel have been spreading awareness regarding the infection amongst the residents of the tea estate,” Mishra added.

A member of the sanitisation team, Debaru informed that his team has been sanitising the factory and nearby areas with the sanitisers provided by the government, every day.

While the government is supporting the industry, management is focusing on the precautionary measures required to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Amir Nayak, an employee at the estate said, “We are following social distancing norms while working and also taking precautionary measures like washing our hands frequently”.

The industry is back on track as many tea gardens started working in the state.

The Centre has extended the nationwide lockdown till May 31. (ANI)