With colours in air, Holi celebrated with fervour in Guwahati


The ever busy roads of Guwahati turned into revelers paradise on March 25 as people both young and old stepped out to celebrate the festival of colours – Holi.

With colours in the air and rain dance in Guwahati’s Fancy Bazar, Holi was celebrated in the capital city in a befitting manner by the people with the music beats.

People dressed in white and donning Holi hats were seen singing songs and and playing with colours in the city for the second day of the festival.

People from all age groups, especially teenagers, were involved in merry making.Holi enthusiasts enjoyed the festival to the fullest. They were applying various types of powdered colours on each other. 

The colour of the air soon turned pink to green to blue to bright yellow, making the surroundings look like a massive colourful dome. The festival, which is generally regarded as one of the biggest festivals of the Hindus, was celebrated with great fanfare across the state. 

The state was already buzzing with the various Holi songs from the early hours.

Yet, the officials on duty on this festive day, checked on the trouble makers and kept incidents at bay.
Traffic police personnel were checking out for drunk drivers if any on the occasion of Holi, so as to prevent any mishap.

Holi enthusiasts gathered at various holi parties in Guwahati and splashed vibrant colours on each other and grooved to the beats of Holi songs. 

People also participated in community feasting, with stalls laid out on the streets, loaded with mouth watering munchies. 

Like the previous years, Guwahati saw a massive gathering, as the streets now begin to clear out, leaving behind a trail of colours, fun, and memories.