Wild tuskers keep villagers on edge in West Karbi Anglong


Guwahati, Dec 22: Herds of wild elephants continue to stray into human settlements in various parts of Assam. In a fresh incident of man-elephant conflict, a herd of 80-100 wild tuskers has been roaming around in No 2 Majiahadi in Kheroni area of West Karbi Anglong district.

The wild elephants have reportedly damaged many houses in the village although there has been no loss of human lives.

“This is not the first time that elephants have intruded into our village.We are passing sleepless nights, they destroy our properties, damage our crops. We feel very insecure,” a villager told News Live.

According to reports, the herd has now taken shelter near No 2 Majiahadi village. 

Villagers, meanwhile, alleged that the forest department has not taken enough measures to force the pachyderms back into the jungles.

Wild elephants, it may be mentioned, often stray into human settlements in search of food and water that often results in violent conflicts between the tuskers and villagers.