Wheel of time has turned, India setting example for world: PM Modi


The wheel of time has turned for the country as it records many firsts and sets an example for the world, Prime Minister Narendra Modi asserted on Monday and said God has given him the duty to rebuild “the temple that is India”. Addressing a gathering after laying the foundation stone of the Shri Kalki Dham temple here in Uttar Pradesh, he said on the day of the consecration ceremony at the Ram temple in Ayodhya, he had stated that a new cycle has started from January 22.

“When Lord Shri Ram ruled, his influence lasted for thousands of years. Similarly, with the enthronement of Ram Lalla, a new journey began for India for the next thousand years,” he said.

Seeking the blessings of seers and religious leaders present at the programme, Prime Minister Modi also said, “God has given me the duty to rebuild a ‘rashtriaya rupi mandir’ (the temple that is India).” While on one hand places of pilgrimage are being developed, on the other, cities are getting hi-tech infrastructure, he said and added that today, if temples are being built, new medical colleges are also coming up across the country.

“Today, our ancient sculptures are also being brought back from abroad and a record number of foreign investments are also coming. This change is proof that the wheel of time has turned and a new era is knocking at our doors. It is time that we welcome this with an open heart,” Modi said.

The prime minister said for the first time India is in a position where it is not following others but setting an example.

“For the first time, in the field of technology and digital technology, India is being looked at as a centre of possibilities,” he said and added that the country has been recognised as an innovation hub.

“We have become the fifth largest economy in the world for the first time,” the prime minister said and added that “we have also reached the South Pole of the Moon”.

Referring to the “pran pratishtha” ceremony of the idol of Ram Lalla at the newly built temple in Ayodhya, he said, “Just last month, the country saw the end of 500 years of wait.” “That divine experience of Ram Lalla’s presence, that divine feeling, still makes us emotional. Meanwhile, we have also witnessed the inauguration of the first huge temple in Abu Dhabi, on Arab soil, hundreds of kilometers away from our country,” he said.

“It is during this period that we have also seen the splendour of Vishwanath Dham flourish. It is during this period that we are seeing the rejuvenation of Kashi. In this period, we have seen the glory of Mahalok of Mahakaal. We have seen the development of Somnath and reconstruction of the Kedar Valley,” Modi said.

“We are imbibing the mantra of development with heritage,” he added.

India is a nation that can pull out a victory even from defeat, he said, adding, “We were attacked so many times for hundreds of years. Had it been any other country, any other society, it would have been completely destroyed due to so many continuous attacks”.

“Yet, we not only endured, but came out even stronger,” the prime minister said.

Modi, who was accompanied by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and Kalki Dham Peethadheeshwar Acharya Pramod Krishnam, also mentioned to the gathering that Kalki is the pioneer of change in this cycle. The Shri Kalki Dham is being constructed by the Shri Kalki Dham Nirman Trust whose chairman is Krishnam.

Addressing the gathering before Modi, Chief Minister Adityanath said, “We are seeing a new India that has guarantee of jobs for youngsters and also the guarantee of your faith. This is ‘Modi ki Guarantee’.” “The people who played with faith could neither give employment nor respect to the faith of the country. Today, India and its traditions are getting respect on the global stage,” he said.

“What was impossible in the past has become possible because of the leadership we have. We all feel proud because of it,” the chief minister said.

Krishnam, who was expelled by the Congress for “anti-party remarks” days after he had met Modi and invited him to lay the foundation stone, said, “The foundation of the Kalki Dham, where the God (Kalki) will come, has been laid by Prime Minister Modi. The time for the reestablishment of Ram Rajya has come.” “When we imagine a picture formed by uniting ‘gyan yog’, ‘karm yog’ and ‘bhakti yog’ of Lord Krishna, that picture is of Prime Minister Modi,” he added