What makes Antimatter one of the best around the DeFi space? Let’s know


It is loaded with multiple features which makes it stand out from the rest.

The world has experienced many technological advancements in recent times, and the DeFi world is the most important of them all. With a host of offerings like cryptocurrencies, NFTs, the blockchain and much more, it has taken the world by storm. Digital assets are rated as amongst the best alternative investment options of current times, and many global investors are diverting their investment portfolio’s towards these. Owing to their rising popularity, many projects have cropped up associated with this space looking at the on growing demand of these.

Antimatter is one such platform that has opened up a plethora of opportunities via its multiple products, which are attractive and effective as well. It is an innovative lightweight on-chain and cross-chain DeFi perpetual options protocol based on a polarized token mechanism. It has four major channels at present like Dual Investment, Bull & Bear Tokens, Financial NFTs, and Antimatter DAO. At present, most of the DeFi derivative platforms that are operational are complicated than centralized exchanges and none of them offer the ease of use to non-experienced users, thus hindering its mass adoption.

To tackle this and build financial products for mass adoption, Antimatter aims to simplify the entire process for each of its products. One of the platforms highlight is dual investment option which has a market neutral, guaranteed returns feature, where investors can get a clear picture of the yield at the time of purchase. At maturity, the settlement currency depends on the outcome of the settlement price at maturity compared to the strike price.

Antimatter has also introduced the concept of Polarized Tokens, which will help the users invest efficiently. There are a host of other features like non-custodial 24/7 global options trading, No liquidation risk amongst all Call / Put options, verified on-chain settlement of each option contract, No funding fees and much more which makes it an ideal choice for investors.