“Village Rockstars” in textbook


Guwahati: The Assam Government has added a chapter on highly acclaimed Rima Das’s movie ‘Village Rockstars’ in the class 7 English syllabus.

This initiative has been taken under Assam Board of Secondary Education (SEBA). The main aim to add ‘Dhunu’s Guiter‘in the syllabus is to inspire the kids to dream big.

Through this chapter, the students of class 7 will know about the struggles of Dhunu, a young high free-spirited girl who dreams of owning a guitar and forming a band with the local boys despite of living in poverty and facing natural calamities. 

Set in Kalardiya village near Chaygaon in Assam, this story is about a 10-year-old girl Dhunu. She lives with her widowed mother and an elder brother. The widowed mother is the only earning member of the family. One evening while selling snacks with her mother, Dhunu gets mesmerized by the performance of a band at a local event. Astonishingly the band didn’t had real instruments instead they pleased the crowd with the instruments made of Styrofoam. Dhunu too carves a guitar made of Styrofoam. After reading a comic book, she decides to make her own band and buy a real guitar for herself. Rupee by rupee, she collects to make her dream possible. She overshadows every hindrance through her positivity to get what she thought of once.

Comparing with David Mamet’s format of screenwriting, Dhunu becomes the ‘Somebody’. She wants a real guitar which becomes the ‘Something’ of the story and of course, she has obstacles getting it.