Vaishali Hiwase becomes first woman to be appointed officer commanding in BRO


New Delhi: Vaishali S Hiwase became the first woman officer to be appointed as officer commanding in the Border Roads Organisation (BRO) where she will be responsible for providing connectivity through an Indo-China border road, the BRO said on Wednesday.

“BRO India feels proud to announce the #First woman Officer EE(civ) Vaishali S Hiwase for taking over as Officer Commanding of a Road Construction Company that is responsible to provide connectivity of an Indo-China Border Road,” tweeted BRO.

“With two air-maintained detachments located at #10000ft and above the alignment of the road is going through some formidable passes and treacherous terrain of hard rock with vertical cliffs,” tweeted BRO.
“Vaishali from Wardha, Maharastra is M Tech and after successfully completing a demanding tenure in #Kargil..the #WomenOfficer has taken over the command to undertake this #Challenge of cutting through the rocks”, the tweet read.
“This is a humble beginning by @BROindia that will usher a new era of #WomenEmpowerment that will see Women officers taking over most arduous tasks. #History in making…”, the tweet read. (ANI)