Two Answers – an unusual film blurring the lines between reality and imagination


Two Answers is a recent psychological thriller film – written and directed by Bandita Bora. The Film casts Anju Dahal as Ruchi – the protagonist of the film. Opposite to Anju is Ronit Agrawal as Kapil as the male lead. The film opens with conversation between Ruchi and Kapil in a car, fighting over something that has happened and evolves slowly, giving glimpse of the past and the conflict inside Ruchi’s mind, trying to make a choice between the two answers.

One may argue that this is closer to an art film simply because of the way it has been delivered. But from a story point of view, it is a psychological thriller because it keeps the audience on their toes who would be trying to understand what exactly is happening and then having a wow moment at the end. It is an unusual film with blurred boundaries between reality and imagination. The story is tightly written and at the same time, it is relatable – anyone who has been in a relationship would relate to what Ruchi and Kapil go through.The film, however, could have surely benefitted from better dialogue writing. There is some repetition in the dialogues and they could have been more enriching to match the overall feel of the story.

Both Anju and Ronit have done justice to their characters. While Anju remains in the lead, creating an emotional connection with the audience as a guilt-ridden girlfriend, Ronit compliments her with his portrayal of Kapil and garners empathy and awe from the audience.The cinematography of the film has been done by Bhuwan Joshi and SinmoyKalita is the editor of the film.

The music of the film given byChuramoni Dutta & Kaivalya Arekar has a wide diverse range – playing to the changing emotions of the story and the actor. Having so many elements in the music in a short film could be risky but the musicians of the film have created a right balance and transitions from one mood to other so that the audience have a smooth experiencing jumping from one scene to other.

The film is being screen with Scratched Stories and is produced by Bandita Bora and Harsh Agarwal.