Top Study Tips For CBSE Boards: How To Crack CBSE 2021


The CBSE board examinations are fast approaching and students are bound to be a bit anxious. Board examinations are considered an important stage for a successful future and students leave no stone unturned while preparing for it. However, the pandemic and resulting online classes have made the upcoming CBSE 2021 board examinations a bit tough as compared to previous years. Read below Top Tips to Score Well in CBSE Board.

After all, with the reduction of the syllabus, students can and should focus on the preparation of CBSE 2021 board examinations. Not thinking about things that are beyond anyone’s control such as the pandemic or exam dates is the first step in the right direction. To help students score well on the CBSE 2021 board, here are some tips and tricks that can be followed.

Top Eight Tips to Score Well in CBSE Board Exam 2021
1. Focus on The Reduced Syllabus – The syllabus for the CBSE Board examinations has been reduced in the light of the pandemic. So, it does not make sense for you to study the whole syllabus. Rather, students should only focus on the reduced syllabus and leave anything that does not form a part of the updated reduced syllabus. Only study what will be part of the CBSE 2021 exam questions.

2. Understand the Latest Pattern- The last thing you would want is to go to the examination without understanding the question paper pattern and a strategy to tackle it. It is vital to refer to the practice papers for the CBSE board to devise your own strategy based on the pattern and your strengths as well as weaknesses.

3.Set-Up A Routine- Setting up a routine is extremely crucial since most of the studying session will be from the comfort of your home. Overcoming laziness and sticking to a schedule will pay off in the long run. Refer to Gurukul 15+1 Practice Papers for CBSE boards of all subjects and then allocate time to each subject accordingly.

4. Good Workspace – Again, this is the pandemic special tip since you are studying from home. Studying while lying on the bed could be more comfortable, but it is best to study in a setup similar to the physical classroom. Create a positive environment by putting up motivational quotes that help you stay positive.

5. Allocate Time for Revision- Revising the key concepts and common questions that appear in the last year’s question papers can help you excel in those areas. Studying it right the first time is vital, but there is certainly no substitute for revision. Refer to sample papers for the CBSE board to map out the most common questions.

6. Track Your Common Mistakes- Everyone has their own unique weaknesses. So, it is essential to figure out the mistakes that you make repeatedly and work on eliminating them. Solving Oswal’s Last 10 years solved papers and checking your answers against the solution will allow you to identify and rectify your mistakes.

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7. Understanding the Questions- Some questions in subjects like mathematics or science could be tricky. So, understanding the question before answering them is paramount. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of solving sample papers for the CBSE Board. This allows you to get acquainted with the board questions.

8. Time Management- Time management during the examination is vital so that you can complete the paper while giving enough time for questions that are scoring and can help you increase your overall score. Gurukul’s 15+1 Practice papers for the CBSE Board will give you enough practice to ensure time management.

Practising more before the actual examination provides you insights into the types of questions frequently asked and the set patterns such as long and short question types, distribution of marks, important topics, etc. Moreover, sample papers are based on actual papers therefore students get greater visibility to practice well and prepare for the exam.

15+1 Practice Papers explain and provide short cuts and marking schemes, which help students in analysing their preparation and gauge where they stand in terms of their preparation. Repetitive topics and questions asked in past years’ exams further serve as a guiding tool. Students can prepare well for the most frequently asked questions and important questions that carry high marks.

While CBSE Board examinations are crucial for the next phase of your career, it is important to stay relaxed and take it like any other exam. Staying calm and remaining positive will go a long way in you scoring well in the Board Examination. Stick to the basics, study right, solve sample papers, believe in yourself, and no one will be able to stop you from scoring high in your board exams. All the best!