Tibetans, Indian origin people stage protest against Beijing near Chinese Consulate in Vancouver


Vancouver: Members of various organisations in Vancouver, including those from Tibetan diaspora and Indian origin, staged a protest against Beijing near the Chinese Consulate Office at Vancouver Art Gallery on July 26.

The organizations which joined the protests included Canada Tibet Committee and the Tibetan Community, Friends of Canada and India Organization, Global Pinoy Diaspora Canada, Vancouver Society of Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights in China, Vancouver Society in support of democratic movement (VSSDM), and Vancouver Uyghur Association.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions each society was allowed to bring a maximum of 50 people only.
Meanwhile, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police urged the protestors not to travel in Chinese Airlines especially those going through Hong Kong.

Protestors, majorly belonging to the Vancouver-based ‘Friends of India’ organization, had previously gathered outside the Chinese consulate here on July 4, calling for the release of detained Canadians — Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig — in China.
The protestors were of the view that their group is getting bigger and societies from other communities have also started joining them as well. (ANI)