Three Guinness World Records holder Myra Taneja aims for Olympics


Hyderabad: Three Guinness World Records holder Myra Taneja said that her dream is to represent India at the Olympics.

“I work hard in my daily two hours practice session managing the studies as well on the other side. My dream is to participate in the Olympics and for that, I am trying to get as much as experience in international championships. My coach and school help me in getting trained for much time,” Myra told ANI.

The 9-year-old Myra holds three Guinness World Records in 30 minutes non stop poomsae, one hour non stop full contact kicks and one hour non stop knee strikes.

Apart from Guinness World Records, she has also participated in many international Taekwondo championships. Myra won four medals in the US World Open Taekwondo championship and two medals in UK Open Autumn Taekwondo championship.

Myra coach, Jayanth Reddy praised her disciple and said that she is an excellent player and her aim is to book a spot in Olympics.

“Myra is a brilliant and hardworking child and with her family support she is doing excellent in Taekwondo and she is mainly aiming for future Olympics. Myra practices hardly whenever there will be championships ahead and daily she spends two to three hours in training her self. Girls of nine years holding three Guinness World Records is really inspiring to the world,” Reddy said. (ANI)