This decade will belong to Indian entrepreneurs, says PM Modi


NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday expressed confidence that the coming decade will be of Indian entrepreneurs and said that the goal of a $ 5 trillion economy was a step to realise larger dreams.

“As we enter the new decade, I would like to say that the decade would be of Indian entrepreneurs. The dream to make India a $5 trillion economy is just a step. We have bigger dreams and larger hopes,” Modi said at an event here.

He said Indian entrepreneurs have the capacity to take risks, willingness to expand their businesses into new sectors and have a desire to achieve something big.

Modi said that the real capability of entrepreneurs will come to the fore when the government stands beside the industry as a partner.

The Prime Minister said the government has “tried to reform with intent, perform with integrity, transform with intensity” and made earnest efforts towards a “process-driven and professional governance”.

Noting that corporate tax rate in India was the lowest-ever, he said Goods and Services Tax (GST) reform or public sector banking reforms had been pending for a long time.

“Today any hindrances in the growth of Indian industry have been removed,” he said. (ANI)