Thieves target six temples in North Guwahati


Guwahati: Thieves are now increasingly targeting temples across Guwahati. 6 temples in North Guwahati reported theft on a single day. Out of these 6 temples, 5 temples were public temples and 1 was a private temple. 

The 5 temples were Sri Sri Gopinath Temple in North Guwahati Silsako village, Sri Jagannath Temple, Hari Temple in Abhaypur village, Gobind temple, Bathu temple in Katah Bazar and a private temple on the premises of Abhaypur Mohini Kakati.

The floors of the five temples were broken and the money was taken from the donation box by the thieves. On the other hand, the thieves decamped with gold and silver ornaments besides also taking money at the Gobind temple (namghar) in Abhaypur.

But to the surprise, the thieves have not taken any gold ornaments from the rest of the temples. The thieves only targeted the money from the donation boxes. 

Some local residents doubt that this can be the handy work of some drug addicts as only cash was taken and jewelery was left untouched. 

The theft incidents have created panic among locals residing in North Guwahati.

After the entire incident, a large number of people gathered at all the shrines. The main priest of the traditional Sri Sri Gopinath temple was observed to be in mourning by holding the temple’s Vigraha in his hand.

However, the thieves did not take the gold ornaments in Vigraha.

Police officers from North Guwahati PS and North Guwahati PS (Gauripur) reached the spot and started and have started the investigation.

 A sniffer dog is being used by the police to track the thieves.