Thief steals ammo from Kaziranga forest office, arrested


In a bizarre incident of theft that has evoked reactions among people, a thief broke into a forest office inside the Kaziranga National Park and stole eight bullets besides other valuables and cash.

The thief, who was arrested this morning, broke open the doors of Madarjuri forest office after forest guards left for patrolling duty after midnight. Haren Charen, the thief, found eight bullets of .303 rifles that forest guards use besides also getting his hands on ATM cards, an inverter and some money.

After forest guards returned to the office after their regular patrolling, they were surprised to see the belongings missing. The disappearance of the ammunition came as an even bigger surprise for the forest guards.

And after the foresters registered a case with the local police, Haren — the thief – was nabbed from Borjuri Basti. Police also recovered the bullets along with the other things Haren stole after the latter’s arrest.

Police said the thief has confessed to his crime but it is not known as to why he stole the bullets.