TDP among key conspirators behind temples related incidents in state: Andhra CMO


Amaravati (Andhra Pradesh): Scores of Andhra Pradesh Government officials, including the state police, have accused the Telugu Desam Party (TDP), of being one of the key “conspirators” behind temples related incidents in the state, the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO) said on Sunday.

According to the CMO, they have recognised nine such incidents that were “strategically executed” around launches of important state government schemes.

“Various officials of the Andhra Pradesh Government and Andhra Pradesh police, starting with CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy have accused the TDP being the core conspirators behind temples related incidents in the state,” the CMO said.

“The CM went onto put out a list of 9 such incidents that were strategically executed around launches of important Government schemes, with an intention to sabotage the same. One of the 9 listed by the CM was the desecration of a Subramanya Swamy idol in Rajahmahendravaram,” the release said.

This statement comes after the idol of Subramanya Swamy temple was vandalized in Rajahmahendravaram on December 31 last year while the state government was still in the process of distributing the 30 lakh house pattas that it was due to, under its flagship housing scheme.

The CMO revealed that the local police dispatched eight different teams to investigate the matter after registering an FIR against ‘unknown assailants’.

The release said the investigation revealed that it was none other than Venkata Murali Krishna, the temple’s priest who desecrated the idol in return for money offered by two known members of the TDP.

“M Venkata Raju, the husband of a former TDP corporator and Dantuluri Venkatapati Raju who is a former organizing secretary of TNTUC (an affiliated division of TDP) were therefore arrested by the police, along with the priest on 31/01/2021,” the CMO said.

“Accused with known links to a particular political outfit, actively participating in the desecration of Hindu idols and the consequential propaganda run against the Government by using images of idols on social media, expose the malafide and alarming intent of TDP’s leadership, apart from proving what the Government has been reiterating time and time again,” the release added. (ANI)