Taking over the world of GameFi incredibly is a new kill-to-earn game named Undead Blocks


Undead Blocks has emerged as an outstanding first-ever multiplayer kill-to-earn zombie survival game in the world.

The way a few industries and sectors of the world have attained massive momentum and growth has very naturally made people wonder about the reasons and factors that might have helped these industries gain exponential levels of growth. Though there could be innumerable factors behind the same, one being the technological advent in the world affecting the working of almost all industries, no one can deny the kind of heavy contribution a few astute minds and talented beings put in to take their respective brands and businesses to the next level of success. One such team showed their A-“game” and created “Undead Blocks” to take over the GameFi niche.

Wondering what is Undead Blocks all about? Well, let us tell you that it is an astounding kill-to-earn FPS (First-person shooter) crypto zombie game. Players can upgrade weapon NFTs and survive the endless waves of zombies. Undead Blocks’ beta is already in its Q2, and it has been developed by Wagyu Games, which is determined to bring in a brighter future to the gaming world. Undead Blocks has emerged as the first-ever multiplayer kill-to-earn zombie survival game in the world on the Ethereum network. Players can defend themselves using the special weapon NFTs against the zombies and also gain its reward currency ZBUX for each kill. They will also be able to collect and upgrade their weapon NFTs to increase damage, ammo capacity, and accuracy. Players can survive with friends, jumping into the endless waves of undead zombies, and can choose to play with closest allies or even with random players.

Players can also choose to play Undead Blocks using their favourite gaming controllers or their mouse and keyboard while also having the ability to stake undead for wave gun and special weapon NFTs. Coming with something like this, which can truly elevate players’ experiences in the gaming world and the GameFi niche, Undead Blocks’ team has proved their mettle in the industry and thus has been giving tough competition to many other play-to-earn games in the industry.