Suvendu Adhikari can’t be arrested without court’s permission: Lawyer


Kolkata: Leader of Opposition in West Bengal Assembly Suvendu Adhikari cannot be arrested without court permission, said the lawyer of the BJP leader.

Speaking to ANI, Adhikari’s lawyer Billadal Bhattacharya said, “Calcutta High Court has put a stay on three FIRs including one being investigated by CID against BJP leader Suvendu Adhikari. The other two FIRs are related to Nandigram and Panskura Police stations. No coercive action can be taken against him. So far as future FIRs are concerned, the court has said that Suvendu Adhikari cannot be arrested without an express leave or express permission of the Court. No arrest without permission of the court.”

“Calcutta High Court said that in cases in which investigating officers think that Suvendu Adhikari can be questioned, he should be questioned at the place and time of his convenience, keeping in mind his position as West Bengal Leader of Opposition,” he added.

Calcutta High Court on Monday has given interim relief to Suvendu Adhikari by giving stay orders on three FIRs against him including the case related to the death of his former guard probing by the Crime Investigation Department (CID).

Justice Raj Sekhar Mantha of Calcutta High Court has given a stay order of proceedings in respect of cases registered at Contai Police station and the Nandigram Police Station on March 18, 2021.

“In cases registered at Manicktalla and Tamluk police stations, the investigation may go on. No coercive action can be taken. The state shall provide any information on the petitioner. The state shall also obtain leave of the court before arrest or coercive action on any case for the time being. In cases where he is not named in FIR shall be allowed to continue and he shall cooperate with investigating authorities,” the Court said.

The court directed that investigating authorities shall accommodate Adhikari if he is required to depose or give a statement, from a place convenient to him. A detailed reason shall be given.

“Since he is the Leader Of Opposition, please accommodate him. A detailed reason shall follow later,” the Court said.
Considering the facts of the case, the FIR in which Adhikari has been named is put on stayed.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader was summoned by West Bengal CID regarding the unnatural death of his guard Subhabrata Chakraborty.
Earlier in July, a four-member CID team visited Purba Medinipur to probe Chakraborty’s death. The case is related to Chakraborty, who had died under suspicious circumstances three years ago.

CID had taken the case from Kanthi Police Station in Purba Medinipur on July 14. The case was filed by Chakraborty’s wife Suparna Kanjilal Chakraborty. (ANI)