Supply of drinking water to 15,359 families in Guwahati


Guwahati:  The Public Health  and Engineering Department has provided clean drinking water to a total of 15,359 families under Division 1 and Division II of Guwahati.

Public Health Department Minister Ranjeet Kumar Dass shared the information in response to a written letter by MLA Rekibuddin Ahmed in the Guwahati Drinking Water Project.

Minister Dass revealed that 11,479 families in Division 1 and 3,880 families in Division II were provided drinking water under the Guwahati Drinking Project.

In addition MLA Rekibuddin Ahmed said that a total of 117 drinking water supply schemes were taken up in Guwahati. Out of these, 78 water schemes benefits are taken by Guwahati division 1 39 under no. division II.

Minister Ranjeet Kumar Dass informed that 106 schemes have been completed and 11 schemes are currently underway.