Sumit Tuli looks forward to a modern-day music industry in the near future


Being a modern-day music professional himself, he wants to see many new technological innovations in the music space.

There have been numerous advancements and developments across sectors in the world. Have we put enough thought into why a few industries have thrived even during the crucial times the world has been facing for a few years? Well, it is time to focus on that and understand that more than only hard work and resilience of individuals and professionals, it is their attitude of “taking charge” of things and their ability to embrace change that has helped most of the industries of the world reach exponential levels of growth, which also includes the music space. Sumit Tuli, among many other rising singers and musicians of the world, wants to see a broader change in the industry and also be a part or a contributing factor in the growth of the same.

People who know Sumit know that he has been relatively new in the music space; still, he has made quite a few headlines for his thought processes, beliefs, and opinions in the industry, which is one of the reasons that has garnered much buzz around him. This time, he shares his views on how he looks forward to seeing a modern-day music industry thriving on modern-day ideas, visions, creative abilities, and technological advances. This is the reason why he now wants to start his own record label and YouTube channel, to not just display his musical prowess and excellence, but most importantly, also explore new things to infuse the right energy in others vying to make their mark in the industry.

It is essential to embrace change in the music world as it is the only way forward, he believes strongly. By saying a modern-day music industry, he also points out that the music space must welcome many new talented beings that show great zealousness to bring about a wave of great change in the industry in any possible way and become catalysts in bringing about a revolution in the industry.