Story of a “Champion of the Champions”: Dr. Vityala Yethindra


Dr. Vityala Yethindra, was an ordinary child, who didn’t attend preschool for two years because of his family’s financial condition and his mother has been the first teacher who taught him two years of preschool at home. Until the age of 15, He was an average student aiming to be a professional cricket player but his grandfather’s death made him to be a doctor in later years and pursued MD (General Medicine) course from International Higher School of Medicine, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Owing to several disheartening experiences in the past, he planned to make his dreams come true, and from the first year of medical school, He started working hard. In 2018, He completed 51 medical courses from reputed universities.

Apart from academic achievements, He has authored two books: in 2018, He wrote “Essentials of Hematology: Inside Hematology,” which was published in English, Hindi, and Russian. It was acknowledged as a world record for the “Youngest person to write a trilingual book.” In 2019, He wrote “The Historical Development of the Heart i.e., from its Formation…” and received the Guinness World Record for the “longest title of a book” with 3,777 words and 26,021 characters. He always dreamed of being a Guinness world record holder although he failed in his attempts six times for three years; finally, in 2019, his dream came true. In 2019, He was declared the youngest scientist in the world in medicine and received world records from many companies and organizations. At present, he holds 12 world records.

In 2020-2021, He has campaigned against false information about COVID-19 and ethical and epidemiological issues associated with its clinical trials and disseminated correct information through social networking sites. He received the honorary doctorate (Doctor of Science) from Global Peace University (USA) and was acknowledged as an ambassador of peace from the Mahatma Gandhi Global Peace Forum (instituted by United Nations Desa).

From 2017-2021, He participated in 14 international conferences, delivered presentations, and won awards at eight conferences. In 2018-2021, He conducted 42 research studies and published 23 research articles in top national and international peer-reviewed journals; ten articles are under review and process. Efficacy and safety studies on Heparin, Umifenovir, Rivaroxaban, and Convalescent plasma in the treatment of patients with COVID-19 was proved to be effective and critically acclaimed, which helped save the lives of many patients with COVID-19. He potentially proved through his laboratory experiments that Doxycycline and Fluoxetine inhibit SARS-CoV-2 replication in vitro.

He was the first to discover, report, and publish new and rare case reports, including:
1. Mirror writing in a patient with frontal-lobe epilepsy
2. A rare case of a patient with neurofibromatosis type 1 in a genotype-phenotype correlation revealing a submicroscopic deletion on the long arm of chromosome 17
3. Risk factors for ischemic stroke/transient ischemic attack in young women: A case report
During 2019-2021, He helped 23 peers in academics and in learning research methodology for free. Furthermore, He helped 34 Ph.D. students conduct research, write articles, and publish for free. In 2021, He was declared “Champion of the Champions” by Metropolis Healthcare Ltd. in Medengage Scholarship Summit and received Karmaveer Chakra Award, which is instituted by iCONGO and United Nations. At present, He is working on etiology, treatment, prevention, and ethical issues related to different diseases such as cancer, COVID-19, leprosy, stroke, thrombocytopenia, tuberculosis, and Zika virus disease.

We hope that he will be portrayed as a fresh inspiration as a Doctor, Young scientist, Writer, Author, Activist, World record holder, International award winner, and speaker for the upcoming generations to work and achieve more through serving humanity and medical research.