Soon, choose your “Delivering Distributor” for LPG cylinder


GUWAHATI: The Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas has come up with a unique facility where LPG customers will have a choice deciding which distributors they want their LPG refill from.

For now, in the pilot phase, it will be available in Chandigarh, Coimbatore, Gurgaon, Pune, and Ranchi shortly. Consumers will be able to choose their “Delivering Distributor” from the list of distributors catering to their address within their Oil Marketing Company (OMC).

While booking a LPG refill through mobile app/customer portal using registered login, the customer would be shown the list of delivering distributors along with their performance rating shall be displayed. The customer can opt for any of the distributors from the list applicable for his/her area to get an LPG refill delivery.

The service will not only empower the customers by way of enhanced choice, but also inspire healthy competition amongst the distributors to provide the best in class services to the customers and improve their performance ratings.

Pic: wikipedia