Skilling and schooling must go together, says Vice President Naidu


HUBBALI: The Vice President of India M Venkaiah Naidu on Sunday inaugurated a residential skilling center, in Hubbali and said the schooling and skilling must go together.

Addressing the gathering after inaugurating Residential Skilling Center of Deshpande Foundation in Hubbali on Saturday, the vice president said, “Schooling & skilling must go together. The New Education Policy must address both skilling and scaling. Government of India and all the States to ensure that school-children were imparted skills in all spheres.”

He further added that industry and corporate sector should join hands with academic institutions to prepare youth to adapt to the requirements of the 21st century.

“Industry and the corporate sector should join hands with the universities and academic institutions for strengthening research and development and preparing youngsters to adapt to 21st-century requirements,” said Naidu.

“Further we have to understand that skilling itself is not sufficient to unlock the inherent potential of our demographic dividend. There has to be a complete ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship to thrive,” he added.

“We have to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship among the youth and programs,” the vice president said. (ANI)