Sindh people want liberation from slavery of Punjab: MQM chief


London: Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) founder Altaf Hussain has said that people of Sindh province in Pakistan want liberation from the slavery of Punjab imperialism.

“Today, Sindh is the colony of Punjab. Punjab has occupied all the resources of Sindh.

Now permanent residents of Sindh want liberation from this slavery and occupation.

Now, the establishment must understand this and they must hand over Sindh to the Sindhis by eliminating the occupation, otherwise, the day is coming very soon that we will give an open ultimatum to the occupied forces and the people of Sindh would free their land from the occupants,” said Hussain.

Hussain made these remarks on Wednesday during a joint address with the head of Jeye Sindh Tehreek, Safdar Sirki.

Paying tribute to Sain G M Syed, Altaf Hussain said that Syed was the brave leader who stood by his ideology.

“Nobody can compete with his sacrifices. He was a brave leader who stood by his ideology. For the sake of his ideology, he spent his entire life in captivity but didn’t hold back from his point of view,” he said.

Hussain said that he has been targeted whenever he talked about the unity and solidarity among the Mohajirs and Sindhis in Sindh. The MQM chief has invited people of Sindh and youngsters to stand against the atrocities of Punjab.

“Sindh is called motherland but right now the motherland is enslaved at the hands of strangers. And those who stand by and watch the disgrace of the motherland are committing an act of shamelessness. The sons of Sindh have to relieve the motherland of this disgrace by acting out of honor,” he said.

Speaking on the occasion, Safdar Sarki, the head of the Jeay Sindh Tehreek asked people to join the movement.

“Altaf Hussain raised the call for the independence of Sindh and he is inviting the sons of Sindh. It is an invitation to join this movement to get love. Greetings to Altaf Bhai on behalf of all G.M. Syed’s lovers and acquaintances of the Sindh motherland.”

“People were divided on the basis of religion to create a colony of the subcontinent, likewise, the Punjabi establishment has divided the permanent residents of Sindh for their rule over Sindh by making the permanent residents to confront each other,” he added. (ANI)