Shridhar Ingale’s benevolence has earned him immense respect and recognition


He is a 22-year-old young lad who fulfilled his duties as a humanitarian for people suffering from the pandemic.

Of the many things that attracted people’s attention over the past two years, the emergence of youngsters across fields managed to garner the maximum attention from them and also made many headlines across the world. The world has witnessed the success stories of various such young professionals and entrepreneurs across fields, but the rise of some of them as humanitarians has enthralled people in ways more than one. These pure-hearted individuals made sure to come forward, make relentless efforts, push boundaries and do the greater good for society. One name that made the most headlines with his philanthropy work was Shridhar DilipIngale from Satara, Maharashtra.

What is amazing to know about Shridhar Ingale is that he is just 22 years of age and still has made his place in the hearts of people with his compassionate heart and efforts for the people in need. The pandemic is something that disrupted the world in innumerable ways, where some lost lives, some lost their businesses, and some others faced hurdles in both personal and professional lives. However, as they say, there is light at the end of the tunnel; some people acted as this ray of light and ensured to provide people with assistance, help and humanitarian works that could help ease their lives. Shridhar Ingale serves as the best example of one such young philanthropist and a selfless man who believes in spreading the good everywhere he goes.

Shridhar Ingale, who is already a businessman, knew that people had to come together and put collective efforts to fight a monster of a virus like Covid-19. Hence, he first came forward to do his bit for society and positively impacted their lives and souls. Shridhar Ingale, at the peak of the second wave this year, donated a major portion of his earnings to help patients facing the brunt of the virus. He even rebuilt parts of Shrirampur and Ahmednagar in Maharashtra. Not stopping here, the young man also arranged for beds, nutritious food while also taking care of other requirements and necessities of people.

“It was essential to keep aside our fears to support and aid people in need to fight the pandemic in various ways. I couldn’t stop myself from doing this. Hence, I urge all others across the world to also do what they need to in times like these, where people need each other more than ever,” says the young altruist, who also visits an orphanage every year on his birthday for distributing gifts for kids.