Shocker: Knife-wielding man kills wife in front of Dibrugarh court


In a sensational incident, a man attacked his wife and killed her in front of the court of Dibrugarh District & Sessions Judge today (June 15). Purna Nahardeka, a rape accused, hacked his wife Rita to death using a sharp knife outside the court complex in Dibrugarh today when he had come for hearing in the case today.

Purna, a resident of Jeypore in Dibrugarh district, was arrested eight months ago on charges of rape and had come out of prison on bail just 10 days ago.

He, along with his wife, had gone to the Dibrugarh District & Sessions Court for hearing of his case. He had sneaked a sharp knife into the court complex with which he attacked his wife on her neck.

The victim was rushed to hospital where she was declared dead. The attacker husband has been taken into custody.