Shillong’s Mattliang Amusement Park adds bright spot in Meghalaya’s tourism


Shillong (Meghalaya) : The magnificent scenic beauty in the state of Meghalaya has always been a strong point for tourism in the state. One such tourist destination that has added a bright spark on the tourism in the state is the Mattilang amusement park in Upper Shillong.

The amusement park, which lies at the heart of the city, is surrounded by lust green landscapes and mountains and offers a magnificent view of the Elephant Falls.

An enormous number of national and foreign tourists visit the place to soak the beauty of the site.

Priya Sunar, a visitor, said: “This place is beautiful and the atmosphere is also very good. Everyone should definitely visit the place.”

The lush greenery of the park is well-maintained by the locals, and littering of plastic is strictly prohibited in the park.

A beautifully created hut in the midst of the park with waterfalls adds to the beauty of the place.

“It is an amazing feeling to be in the park. I have visited Shillong earlier, but I had never come here before,” said a visitor.

The amusement park was set up by a religious self-help group of the area and was developed on the other side of the Elephant Falls.

It is a new addition to Meghalaya’s tourism industry that is said to help boost the economy of the state. (ANI)