Shahrukh stayed in Delhi, Punjab and UP while on run: Delhi Police sources


New Delhi: Investigations have revealed that Shahrukh, the man who brazenly opened fire at cops during violence in north-east Delhi, initially kept roaming around in the national capital before slipping away to Punjab and Uttar Pradesh’s Shamli from where he was arrested on Tuesday, said Delhi Police sources.

According to the sources, on February 24, after he fired shots at police personnel, Shahrukh went back home and was petrified to see his photos flashing on the television screen. He then changed his clothes, drove to Hauz Khas and kept roaming around in the clubs there.

On February 25, Shahrukh kept roaming in Delhi’s Connaught Place, parked his car in the parking area and slept in the vehicle itself.

On February 26, he drove to Punjab’s Jalandhar and called up a friend there who refused to meet him having watched him on television.

On February 27, 28 and 29 he remained in Uttar Pradesh’s Shamli with one of his friends.

On March 1, he left Shamli and kept wandering in buses in Punjab. On March 2, he returned to Shamli.

On March 3, Delhi Police Crime Branch arrested Shahrukh from Shamli bus stand. He has been sent to four-day police custody.

During the investigation, Shahrukh revealed that the car he used belonged to his uncle’s son. He had left the car in a garage in Haryana after it broke down.

Police sources said that his Call Detail Record (CDR) data will be extracted as part of further investigations.

Shahrukh said he opened fire in a fit of rage, Delhi Police informed on Tuesday and added that he has no criminal background.

Additional Commissioner of Police, Ajit Kumar Singla, had earlier informed that Delhi Police is trying to recover the pistol which the man brandished on February 24.

“We are trying to recover the pistol he used. Shahrukh said he fired during the protests in a fit of rage. He has no criminal background but his father has a narcotics and fake currency case against him. Further investigation is underway,” ACP Singla has said.

“Shahrukh has been charged under Section 307 (attempt to murder), 186, and 353 of IPC and Arms Act. Further sections will be added during the course of investigation if needed. We will try to get his maximum possible remand,” he added. (ANI)