Shahid Sharif aka Shahid Zaki – The Ultimate Entrepreneur Who has Reached Extraordinary Feats in the IT Sector


Life is about accepting the challenges along the way, deciding to keep moving forward, and savoring the journey. When the going gets tough, put one foot in front of the other and just keep moving. Shahid Sharif’s journey truly describes these lines as he crossed the tough ordeals of life and with passion conquered over the obstacles which life threw at him.

Coming all the way from a small town situated in Pakistan, Shahid Sharif is a 29-year-old dynamic, zealous and a skillful entrepreneur. He marks his name in the Entrepreneurial as well as the IT industry. He is a mastermind, an intellectual in the field of IT.

This young lad has came a long way, belonging to a small town where basic facilities that support training in the IT sector were scarce was a big challenge for Shahid in his journey.

He also faced endless admonishments and disagreement from his family. Confronting the obstacles Shahid went forward to pursue his obsession for computers! He took a bold step and went to Lahore in order to pursue something big.

Lahore proved fruitful for Shahid as it was full of opportunities and facilities. Grabbing these advantages, Shahid pursues BSC in computer sciences to gain knowledge in his subject.

Since childhood Shahid developed his interests in computers. Being a computer geek he got his first ever PC in 9th grade. A pentium 2. He described his for his PC as an infatuation you feel for a lover. Despite of being scolded and opposition from his father, Shahid’s passion kept him moving forward and in no time he entered the Entrepreneurial sector along with knowledge in IT.

After years of hardwork and determination, Today Shahid has built a renowned company- Frame Hype LLP. Frame Hype is a multidimensional company that covers branding, developing, designing and social media marketing services for their clients.Through his company Frame Hype, Shahid aims to boost the budding young talents who come from rural backgrounds. Comparing their situation to his, Shahid initiates a step towards helping these individuals providing them enough opportunities for their growth and assistance to them who cannot afford.