Samay youngest writer & composer


Life is an aspiration itself. A true artist is the one who fondles to portray such aspiration on his canvas mesmerizing the surrounding by the idea of life. Samay, an artist reconciling to the ability of observing people around and writing songs portraying his life, holds an aesthetic departure to every vibe known to mankind.

Samay is a well-known song writer and composer. Being fascinated by the idea of music since a kid, Samay has endeavored music and its keys as his major forte. With owning a digital marketing company called Yaari Digital, Samay has flung his soul into music resulting in where he stands today.

LautAaja, is Samay’s first song as a lyricist which gained a clear hit followed by Sajte Ho, showcased on Indian Music Label, winning commendable appraisals. Like others, Samay had to face many ups and downs in his journey, but he never stopped though however rough the path seemed to be.

Samay appraises his fans as his push which gets him out of bed daily to strive better than every yesterday. With Showkidd as his mentor, Samay has improved a lot under his guidance and support.

Samay appraises the music industry for keeping the fire bright and lightened within him. Pursuing and striving for his passion, Samay lives a new life daily. Coming across people from different walks of life, he feels amazing to get to learn and see how our stay is flooding with talent.

With dreams of owning fame and be recognized for his songs, Samay regards his work as his strength. He feels highly obliged for the love he has received and continues to be a promising artist for showering love and commencement over his extended family.