Russia blocks access to BBC’s Russian language services


Russia has blocked the BBC’s Russian language news website.

The BBC’s website appeared to be blocked in Russia as reports said there were problems accessing the website, hours after it brought back shortwave radio technology to cover the Russia-Ukraine war.

BBC Russia’s Twitter account claimed that Facebook parent Meta, Google Play Store and German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle also appeared to be blocked in Russia.

According to reports, Russia has blocked access to several foreign news organisations for allegedly spreading false information about its war in Ukraine.

According to BBC News the channel was accused of “inciting extremism, abusing Russian citizens, causing mass disruption of public calm and safety, and encouraging protests” by Russia’s telecommunications regulator.

Following this, a BBC spokesperson said that access to accurate, independent information is a basic human right that should not be denied to the Russian people.

The BBC spokesperson further said, “We will continue our efforts to make BBC News available in Russia, and across the rest of the world.”