Roll Ball Super League Assam to start from 16 April


GUWAHATI: The Roll Ball Super League will kick-start on April 16. The organizers unveiled the logo in a function held at Dighalipukhuri, Guwahati on Sunday.

Roll ball league is a first of its kind event and is going to take place for the first time in India. Altogether seven teams will compete in the championship. The teams will consist of 11 players, including 5-6 local players.

“The Roll Ball Super League is being organized for the first time in Eastern India and is a first of its kind event in India. Roll ball is an Indian born game that was started in 2003 at Pune by Raju Dabhade, a physical education trainer. The game is played in 50 plus countries across the world. Many African countries have already organized leagues and five world cup events have concluded so far. The game is much popular among the European and African countries. The game is growing very fast and as it is a game started in India so, we want to take the game to the grassroots level across India and make it popular among people. Players from across India have already registered for the event. A total of 7 teams will participate in the upcoming event and the player bidding will take place on Monday,” said secretary, Bhumidar Barman.

He added, “The teams have been divided state-wise as franchisees. Meanwhile, Assam, West Bengal, Bihar Odisha, etc teams have already been formed. The team names have been given on the basis of the state’s animal. Anyone who is associated with the game was allowed to apply for the player’s post and the players will be selected by the committee. Our main aim now is to work at the grassroots level for the upliftment of the game. Each match in the Roll Ball Super League will be of 20 minutes, which is divided into two parts, the first half will be of 10 minutes and the second half will be of another 10 minutes.”

Assam Rollball Association (ARA) president Miftabuddin Ahmed, secretary  Bhumidar Barman, veteran journalist Premadhar Sharma, international swimmer Elvis Ali Hazarika, Principal Secretary of the State Government B Kalyan Chakravorty, among others were present in the event.