Robbers loot Rs. 4 lakh in Nagaon from SBI CSP, shoot one


GUWAHATI: A daylight robbery has been reported from Panikheti, Nagaon. The robbers managed to snatch a bag full of Rs. 4 lakh cash from a State Bank of India CSP employee, Hafizul Shaikh and flee from the spot. Hafizul, who was carrying the bag of cash was injured when he was shot at by the robbers during the snatching incident. The four, well-built robbers were armed and came in two motorcycles.

“After getting down from the car we were walking towards the bank and my assistant had the cash. Two persons in black dress, wearing masks approached us. We thought they were bank customers. But they came closer and suddenly tried to snatch the bag from my executive. When I intervened one of them pointed the gun at my legs and fired. I jumped and somehow managed to not get shot. As the executive was not giving up the bag the gunman tried to shoot him in the head but luckily the bullet grazed him near the ear. Then they fled with the cash,” said the SBI official.

A lady who was eye-witness to the incident said, “As they snatched the bag and started fleeing I came on their way. They asked me to move aside and threatened to shoot me. Then they ran away with the bag. Two gunshots were fired.”

Two youths who chased the robbers had this to say, “Me and my friend chased them till the flyover and tried to block them. Their bag fell down. Then they took out a handgun and pointed at us and threatened to shoot us. We moved back. They came in two Pulsar 150 bikes without number plates.”