Revenge of the Apes in Maharashtra! Two monkeys captured for ‘revenge killing’ of 250 dogs and pups


GUWAHATI, Dec 19: Two monkeys have been captured by Forest officials in Maharashtra’s Beed district for their alleged involvement in ‘revenge killing’ of around 250 stray dogs and puppies.

The two monkeys, reports said, were captured by Forest officials after villagers of Lavool claimed they were involved in the “killing of the dogs and puppies”. The monkeys, the villagers said, killed the dogs and puppies to “avenge” the killing of an infant simian by dogs.

The moment monkeys in the area see a pup, it catches the pup and takes it to a considerable height and throws it down. It is said that in the past one month monkeys have killed at least 250 puppies… Monkeys have killed almost all pups in the village and villagers now say that there are hardly any puppies left in their village, reported.

While villagers alleged that the monkeys killed the puppies in retaliation, officials are yet to confirm the development, claiming that do not have any proof to back up the “retaliation” theory.

Beed district collector Rabhabinod Sharma confirmed that some puppies were killed by monkeys but added that they cannot ascertain why the puppies were targeted, The Indian Express reported.

“The issue is true but we do not have any evidence to say how many puppies have been killed,” The Indian Express further quoted PV Munde, senior police inspector of Majalgaon grahmin (rural) police, as saying. The police official also added that forest officials from Aurangabad came and captured the two monkeys.