Reach office at 9:30 am, Assam Secretariat employees told; traditional attires on Wednesday, formal dress code for other working days


The Assam Secretariat in Guwahati on Monday said that all employees will have to attend office on all working days with formal attire only.

A number of new directives have been introduced for employees of the Assam Secretariat in Guwahati including the staff working on daily or fixed or monthly allowance.

The directives have been issued in the interest of the smooth and effective functioning of the assembly as per the direction of the assembly speaker.

The new orders are as follows:

1) All employees have to reach the office at 9:30 am sharp and mandatorily mark their attendance in the biometric attendance system and log out only after office hours at the time of leaving the office.

2) Employees need to perform duties above and beyond official working hours as per need and urgency of work.

3) All employees have to attend the office on all working days with formal attire only. They include salwar suit, saree, mekhela chador and formal shirt pant.

4) No casual attire such as t-shirts, jeans, leggings, etc will be allowed on duty.

5) Traditional dress of any community of Assam should be worn every Wednesday as desired by the employee.

6) All employees irrespective of any rank should wear office uniforms to be prescribed and provided by the Secretariat mandatorily during the assembly sessions and any other formal occasions

Meanwhile, the other also stated that any employee who fails to comply with the instructions will have to face strict action.

On the other hand, any employee failing to fulfill the requisite hours of working shall be liable for a deduction in his or her monthly salary.