Ravi reveals the chemistry of making money from Instagram


Guwahati: Social media is the hub of attention for everyone and a place where most people spend their free time scrolling in today’s world. Instagram is like the jewel in the crown for businesses carried out via social media. It is no surprise; Instagram is the most lucrative social media platform in the current world. IG platform is the best out of other trending social media platforms if you are dreaming to make your name a brand, to grow your own business.

Although many people use Instagram as a platform to showcase their skills and talents, only a handful of people see the bigger picture and try to showcase their passion which can be turned into an income source. Ravi Rajapaksha is one such individual who was talented enough to identify the true value of Instagram and used it as a platform to get branded and be an influencer.

There are so many resources such as books, guides, and materials available in the market to support and guide people towards success in different fields. However, we need to accept that nothing can beat the true pieces of advice given by a truly successful person who is masters in a particular field.

The new and young minds like Ravi try out new things in this constantly changing world. One should have very innovative and creative ideas to get blossomed and get featured in a social media field. Ravi has already achieved much recognition in the Instagram field and he is a successful entrepreneur, marketer, brand strategist, writer, and marketer. This young talent who is also the Founder of Nextenco, which is a social media and digital marketing agency has a lot to share with us and inspire us.

Tell us briefly about who you are and what you do for clients?

First of all, thanks for having me, I’m Ravippriya Dileep Sandakalum Rajapaksha and I’m also known as Ravi Rajapaksha. I was born on 27 August 1996 and I had my college education from St Thomas’s college Malate.

Simply I have shown my talents in different fields as a Sri Lankan entrepreneur, marketer, brand strategist, PR expert, writer, and CEO of Nextenco.

So I synced all of my talents and passion which is traveling, where it gave an outstanding output with a lot of accomplishments to myself. I always tried to bring something new and I have been able to earn a good social media reputation for my creations through Instagram. When it comes to my Instagram life I have blended my digital marketing skills to attract followers. It was actually a milestone in my life where my Instagram filters were gone viral all over the world by reaching more than ten million users within a short period of time. Since then I have identified Instagram as the most important social media platform that I can grow with time. I also work with individuals and companies as a productive brand-builder and marketer to build brands and get featured on social media. As an Instagram influencer, I always wanted to influence my followers in the travel and tourism industry. Sri Lankan balloon is a good example where I was successful in promotions

While my business is growing to new heights, I thought to Support small businesses to gain profits on Instagram and Build Brands.

I have founded multiple organizations including Sri Lanka elephant safari which is a safari tour company in Sri Lanka.

As the founder of Nextenco which is a marketing or social media management agency. I worked so hard to accelerate my business to new heights. We offer social media services, search engine services, Instagram marketing services, website design services, create and manage top-performing social media campaigns for businesses on your behalf to grow your businesses and meet your goals with maximum results.

As I strongly believe in my talents and creativity I also started a PR agency where we help you to grow your online presence by getting you published in Yahoo, IBT, FOX, CBS, NBC, and many more international premium news medias  in less than 24 hours.

Why do you think that Instagram is a booming business?

Many businesses have relied on offline marketing campaigns before the Covid 19 pandemic. But with the wake of this deadly pandemic situation, small businesses were severely threatened. People were stuck at homes and they were helpless. Because of that everyone was keen on new methods to carry out their businesses and they all were started to move online and flocked to social media platforms like Instagram where a large pool of potential customers can be attracted. Hence millions of small businesses around the world moved to online platforms. Further, Instagram also understood the gravity of this crisis and added some new features like adding new links to additional resources as they become available to check again and again with the latest information. This is why I believe Instagram is a booming business.

How do you make money from Instagram?

Depending on the uniqueness in your Instagram business content, your commitment, and your audience you can make money by following tips.

  • Followers

Now you may wonder how many followers you need to have to make it happen? There are right ways, wrong ways, and clever ways to use your profile. Believe in trust, & grow your audience

 A handful of engaged followers are valuable than 100k fake followers. You also can follow the tips that I am following to attract and tie up followers.

  • Post at the right times.
  • Use high-quality contents
  • Use the right hashtags
  • Respond to comments while they’re fresh
  • Run give away
  • Use Instagram live
  • Organize your stories into highlights
  • Post sponsored content
  • Promote Affiliate Links.

Affiliate marketing is a powerful tool to make money through Instagram. What you have to do is join with highly paying affiliate programs. It will allow you to add affiliate links to your Instagram and make only a commission on the sales you generate.

Do something unique- Differentiate your marketing strategy

Now a day’s people are more into online stuff and you need to market differently. You can sharpen your business account with more business features like a shop button, in-app checkouts, shippable stickers, and product tags.

So I invite you all to follow these steps to build an own Instagram empire and be a game-changer.

You can follow Ravi Rajapaksha on social media

Facebook: @ravi.rajapaksha.9

Instagram: @Ravi_rajapaksha