Rakhi Sawant cries inconsolably after her mom dies of cancer


Rakhi Sawant lost her mother on Saturday and in her first appearance in front of the media, she was seen taking her mother’s mortal remains for cremation in Mumbai.

Rakhi was seen crying inconsolably, mourning the loss of her beloved mother. When the paparazzi surrounded her, she informed the about her mother’s passing and even expressed that her mother was in a lot of pain the day before.

She was heard saying, “Maa ab nahi rahi…” as her friends consoled her and gave her much-needed emotional support.

Later, Rakhi was also heard looking for her husband Adil Durrani. She even asked her friend, “Adil kahaan hai? Adil ko phone karo.”

Devastated Rakhi mourned the loss of her mother throughout the time the paparazzi captured her with their camera lenses. She further revealed that the last rites would be performed on Sunday.

Rakhi’s mother Jaya Bheda was diagnosed with a brain tumour and cancer. And she was hospitalised in a Criticare Multispeciality Hospital in Juhu.

Rakhi always shared videos and photos of her mother on social media. In fact, a couple of days ago she uploaded a video on Instagram asking her fans and friends to pray for her mother’s deteriorating health.

Even during her stint in ‘Bigg Boss’, Rakhi revealed that she was doing the show to cover her mother’s medical expenses. After her revelation in 2021, Salman Khan’s brother Sohail Khan also extended financial help to her to cover the hospital bills.

Early on Sunday, Rakhi shared a video of herself sitting on the floor inside a hospital room with her mother. She wrote in her caption, “Aaj meri maa ka haat sar se uth gaya or mere pass khone ke liye kuch nahi bacha. I love you MAA. Aap ke bina kuch nahi raha, ab kaun meri pukar sunega or kaun mujhe gale lagayega maa. Ab mai kya karu… kaha jauuuu… I miss you Aai.