Rajya Sabha MP Biswajit Daimary forced to leave Filmfare Awards


Guwahati: Guwahati: Rajya Sabha MP Biswajit Daimary was reportedly humiliated as he was forcefully made to shift his seats during the 65th Amazon Filmfare Awards 2020 on Saturday.

According to reports, Daimary was enjoying the show when the organizers came to him and asked him to leave his seats as he was not carrying a valid ticket while entering the venue. There was no mention of any seat number in the ticket that he was carrying with him.

The organizers were quite adamant and asked Daimary to shift his seat on the back.

Humiliated Daimary was compelled to leave the mega event in between.

The 65th Amazon Filmfare Awards 2020 was organized at Sarusajai Stadium in Guwahati on 15th February in association with the ATDC.

Expressing his resentment Daimary said, “I was invited to watch the Filmfare Awards but the entire responsibility of the event was of the Times Group. At the event, I was told by the people of The Times Group that my ticket was not issued by them. I told them that I was invited to the event with that ticket.”

He also added, “I told them to check with the authorities about the matter but they declined to do so. Then I asked them about the organizers. In reply to that they said me that they are from Times Group and have come from Mumbai to manage the show and we have not issued any kind of ticket which you are carrying.”

“They are businessmen. They have not come to Assam because they love the place. They have come here as they have been given a huge amount of money by our Assam government,” said Daimary.