Rajpal Yadav celebrates his 50th birthday: Some lesser known facts about the actor


Guwahati: One of the versatile comedian actors in Bollywood is Rajpal Yadav the actor with his every movie had defined his versatility, and over the time he has me his strong mark in Bollywood industry with his immense contribution, with his every 2nd movie the actor went on to make us laugh and turned out to be one of the finest comedians of all time, movie like, Hungama, Phir Hera Pheri, Garam Masala, Dhol, and many others had impressed the fans all over and made a special place in the hearts of the audiences.

Today the actor turns a year older, on his 50th birthday, lets us look at some lesser known facts about the actor.

The actor who worked in over 175 films, was born in Shahjahanpur, UP. He started his film career after studying at Bhartendu Natya Academy, he used to receive 3300 for the play, after a lot of struggle, the actor got a TV serial where he was seen in 5 episodes.

In Bollywood, the actor began his career by acting in negative roles. But he soon realized that comedy was his true forte. He made a few comedy movies and filmmakers saw that he had a knack for comedy.  

Talking about his personal life, Rajpal Yadav married Radha Yadav in 2003. He met her in Canada when he went there for a film shoot. She is 9 years younger than him and one inch taller.

Did you know? The actor had a very difficult time during his childhood, when he was a child there was a time when he had no money in his pocket. His older brother had one rupee. He took that one rupee and bought a lottery ticket. His brother scolded him when he found out. When he went back the next day he found out that the lottery won 65 rupees. He gave his brother 50 rupees. Bought 10 more tickets and kept 5 rupees to himself.

The actor also acted in Hollywood movie, yes you heard right, Rajpal Yadav has acted in the Hollywood movie Bhopal: A prayer for rain. He starred opposite veterans like Marteen Sheen. While others in Bollywood yearn for a chance in Hollywood Rajpal Yadav already got his big break.

The actor once travelled 65 kms by cycle to go home from school. He had no money in his pocket back then, and today when we see the actor, he is indeed one of the versatile talents we have in Bollywood and he is a man who makes the film industry proud to have talent like him.