Radish replaces onions in Assam kitchens as onion prices soar


GUWAHATI, Dec 5: Alaka Das of Guwahati’s Panjabari locality simply shudders at the thought of going to the kitchen. She loves cooking but skyrocketing prices of essentials has hit her family of three very hard.

Surging onion prices have only added to her woes.

Her husband is a cab driver who works for 10-12 hours a day to make ends meet. Rising prices have left him shattered, almost.

With onion prices hitting the roof, life for them has become terribly difficult.

“I used to have onions in almost every dish I used to cook. Now with onions costing over Rs 100 a kilogram, I don’t really know what to do. Rising prices have hit us very bad,” she said.

And as onion prices soar, many families are looking for alternatives: and radish has emerged as the preferred choice.

“It appears as if onion prices won’t come down soon. I have now started using radish instead of onions in my kitchen,” Rupalim, a housewife from Jorhat, told News Live.

Meanwhile, amid soaring prices, vendors are resorting to ingenious marketing strategies to sell off onion stocks by selling them in pairs instead of kilograms.


Vendors at the busy Kachari Bazaar in Guwahati were selling a pair of onions at Rs 20. As news of the ingenious strategy started to spread, vendors in vegetable markets in various places of Assam started employing a similar strategy.