‘Pushpa’ style goes wrong, Bengaluru man arrested trying to smuggle ‘Red Sandalwood’


Guwahati: The dialogues and songs from the Telugu blockbuster movie ‘Pushpa: The Rise’ has been the talk of the town ever since the film was released. A red sandalwood smuggler in Bengaluru was inspired and tried to smuggle red sandalwood in true movie style.

The man identified as Yasin Inayithulla is a driver in the profession.

Inspired by the smuggling tricks on-screen the Bengaluru-based driver attempted to replicate them in real life while smuggling red sandalwood wood in his truck.

On his way from the Karnataka-Andhra border, Maharashtra police in Meeraj Nagar’s Gandhi Chowk under Sangli district apprehended him. Police then recovered the sandalwood which was valued at Rs 2.45 crore, as well as his truck, which was valued at Rs 10 lakh.

In the movie ‘Pushpa’, actor Allu Arjun who played the role of ‘Pushparaj’ is seen accomplishing a massive crime syndicate. He has seen smuggling red sandalwood by loading wood into the truck first, then milk.

But in reality, Yasin had loaded the truck with red sandalwood first, then fruits and vegetable boxes, while he had pasted a sticker of Covid-19 essential products pasted on his vehicle.

The smuggler managed to get across the Karnataka border hassle-free, but once he crossed the border, Maharashtra police apprehended him.

Investigation on the matter is underway to determine the network behind him and how they operate.