Proposed CCTV Project In Guwahati Will Begin Next Year: Assam CM


Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Wednesday said that the proposed project to install CCTV cameras across Guwahati city will begin in the next year.

Earlier in the day, the Assam CM had chaired a review meeting at the Assam Police Headquarters in Guwahati, during which the decision was taken to install CCTV cameras across the city in order to ensure public safety.

Speaking after the meeting, CM Sarma said, “Ahead of Puja season this year, the groundwork will be laid for the installation of CCTVs across Guwahati. It is necessary for newly constructed buildings to install security cameras.”

He said, “The security cameras should be able to cover all possible angles and even minute details should be captured by the cameras. They should also have at least 30 days of video storage capacity.”

Moreover, in case of any incidents, citizens will have to obtain prior permission from the police in order to view CCTV footages, mention CM Sarma. He said, “Even if a person is wearing a helmet, the cameras will be able to pick up their face. The high-tech cameras will come with Face Reading Software, added the Assam CM.

Speaking further during his address to the media, CM Sarma mentioned that the Assam government has every now and then taken steps to ensure employment is given to family members of police personnel killed on the line of duty.

Assam chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma also said that it will be mandatory for the new flats coming up in Guwahati to have CCTV for households having working parents, elderly people, and even young school-going children.

The government has proposed to bring legalization in this regard in the state assembly. Sarma while talking to media persons on Wednesday said, “It will be compulsory for the new flats in Guwahati to install CCTV. Working parents who stay away and keep their children at home will have to install CCTV. Home where elderly parents stay alone and children stay outside the country will have to install CCTV.”

The government has deiced to install 2,000 CCTV cameras across Guwahati. This step has been taken for providing safety to the general public amid increasing crimes in the city. CCTVs have been made mandatory in all organizations consisting more than five employees. We will soon start the tender filing process.”

The urban affairs minister also said that cameras will capture everyone who does not throw their garbage at designated spots.

Further informing about the street lights facility, Singhal said, “The government will release a tender of Rs 50-55 crores for the street light facility across Guwahati.”