Priyanka Chopra draws inspiration from Reese Witherspoon for 2020 sad meme


New Delhi: Following Reese Witherspoon and Mindy Kaling’s viral 2020 meme, actor-singer Priyanka Chopra Jonas created her own meme that captured a funny representation of the deterioration of her mood and appearance with every month of the year.

The trend was started by Witherspoon and Kaling, wherein they had used stills from their films or shows to show how their moods and appearances had changed to the worse with the passing of each month in 2020.

The collages went viral on social media leading to Priyanka and many other actors drawing inspiration from it and creating their own version.

The collage shows the ‘Baywatch’ actor in a jovial mood at the beginning of the year which deteriorates gradually throughout the year and ends into an exhausted Priyanka hitting herself with a glass of wine in the head.

Several other actors including Anne Hathaway, Gal Gadot have also created the 2020 meme using the stills from their shows and films.

As the whole world is fighting against coronavirus in 2020, the Internet is full of such memes to lighten people’s mood like the one Witherspoon and others created. (ANI)