Pride East group’s initiative ‘Bhogali Mela 2022’ at Dighalipukhuri pulling huge crowd


Guwahati: A day long Bhogali Mela is being held under the aegis of Pride east entertainments Private Limited at Dighalipukhuri in Guwahati showcasing Bihu delicacies and traditional handicrafts associated with the festival.

The mela tittled “Bhogali Mela 2022′ is providing both buyers and sellers platform to showcase buy and even consume Bihu delicacies such as pitha pona larus under a single roof. 

Pride east entertainments Private Limited and News Live CMD Riniki Bhuyan Sarma visited the fair accompanied by Assam Agriculture minister Autul Bora.

The fair was also attended by News Live editor-in-chief Syed Zarir Hussain and our group channel Northeast Live  chief managing editor Syed Wasbir Hussain and other dignitaries. 

 CMD Riniki Bhuyan Sharma and minister Atul Bora along with the rest of the people visited the stalls at the fair and tasted the delicacies from the stalls and also looked at traditional items on display.

And much to the delight of the audience, Assam agriculture minister Atul Bora turned into a performer as he broke into traditional Bihu song and dance at the Bhogali Mela.