President Kovind receives traditional 21-Gun Salute at R-Day Parade


New Delhi: President Ram Nath Kovind unfurled the National Flag and received the customary 21-gun salute on the 71st Republic Day at Rajpath on Sunday.

The salute was presented by 2233 Field Battery under the command of Lieutenant Colonel C Sandeep. The gun position officer was Naib Subedar Anil Chand.

The 21 Gun Salute is presented during the Republic Day, Independence Day and during visits of foreign heads of state.

As per the tradition, the National Flag was unfurled followed by the national anthem with a booming 21-Gun Salute.

That is performed by the firing of cannons or artillery as a military honor. 21 cannons are fired at interval of 2.25 seconds, precisely, to cover entire National Anthem of 52 seconds in 3 successive rounds of 7 cannons each.

The spectacular parade commenced with President Kovind taking the salute.

Chief Guest of this year’s Republic Day Brazilian President Jair Messias Bolsonaro.

Earlier Kovind and the Bolsonaro were escorted by the President’s Bodyguard – the oldest surviving mounted unit with a 245-year legacy. The regiment earned their first Battle Honour ‘Java’ in 1811

India is celebrating its 71st Republic Day today, honouring the historic date when the country completed its transition towards becoming an independent republic after its constitution came into effect. (ANI)