Prabhjot Singh – The young music sensation to watch out for in 2021


Behind the shadows of early stardom, his music career is just beginning to take shape.

No matter what kind of music they make or what genre they fall into, the majority of music artists have a similar goal and share the same dream, to embrace stardom and become a popular icon in the music realm, by doing spectacular work and transforming the face of music along their journey. There are hordes of artists out there who are immensely talented, but a very few will end up reaching the top. There have been innumerable artists in the past who have had a string of hits and changed the course of music and many present artists have followed the same path and tried to make their mark as the former stars, but a handful have been able to achieve those levels which can make them trailblazers and true icons. From the current breed of artists, we lay our bets on Prabhjot Singh, who has the potential to take long strides and reach where only a few are able to make it.

This 19-year-old upcoming music artist from Chandigarh, has been under the radar for quite some time now, but has now bounced back in action this year, which he says will see him transform into a rockstar. He has balanced his multi-faceted approach with the precision of a seasoned artist who has been around for a long time. Brimming with confidence and wearing his heart on his sleeve, he is ready to sweep the music industry with his fiery persona backed by loads of talent. He has already earned a widespread acclaim from all quarters and is said to be the next music star the world is going to experience shortly. His releases showcasing distinct genres like Shadow Mask, Party Reggaeton and Folk Jazz have already reflected its nigh-perfect music, showcasing his caliber as an artist. His YouTube channel ‘Prabh’s’ ( has also drawn in much following, having that perfect music flavour whose spell you can’t escape. This irresistible music artist illustrates his potential to be the next star in the span of his modest career, having a few creations to his credit.